These are the collected musings of a radicalized millennial wage-slave who loves to study systems and can’t stop asking why we do stupid things. Kriff is a fictional swear word used in some Star Wars literature, and generally sums up my feelings toward the society we live in.


1 thought on “About”

  1. Hey friend,

    Love your blog, really good stuff. Was very struck by this in particular:
    “If we can provide answers for the alienated petty-bourgeoisie before fascist propagandists do, we may discover an opening. Lenin’s concept of the revolutionary vanguard is not outmoded; if anything, it is more relevant than ever in an accelerating capitalist world. The vanguard’s primary job is education since revolutions arise from class awareness. If we can provide for both the physical and intellectual needs of the alienated masses, then we should let the capitalists embrace their worst exploitative tendencies domestically: it may become our best recruiting tool.”

    I have been thinking about this line of thought for a long time and I haven’t found many others on the left that share this view. If you want to talk about this sometime I would really like that.

    Thanks so much,



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